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SEC has registered anodising consultants with many years of practical industrial experience in anodising. Largely this relates to anodising aluminium and its alloys. We also have extensive experience with Anodising Titanium.

It is important to know the alloy being anodised, since for optimum finishing the solutions could vary both in the pre-treatment and the anodising. We can consider architectural finishes, both clear and coloured and functional hard anodised finishes.

We can start with the design of a plant, organise the budget and final quotations, keep a progress report on the manufacture and installation and then commission the final product. Where necessary we also consider waste minimisation, water consumption, recycling of water and materials and effluent treatment. In some cases methods of jigging, masking, shielding and cathode displacement can be critical to achieving good distribution.

We can and do run training courses for operators and supervisory personnel. Our objective is to create an all round efficient process, to reduce costs and keep rejects and re-works to a minimum. In short we assist your company to “Get it right the first time” and therefore improve the company profitability. We consider the whole line, not just the anodising process and every stage (including the rinsing) has an important function to play. Hence we will look at degreasing, soak cleaning, electrolytic cleaning, etching, chemical polishing, anodising and any post treatment processes for dying, sealing and drying.



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