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Surface finishes from SEC UK. Take a look at any product - computers, cars, aircraft, kitchens, or even jewellery. All these products have crucial surface finishes which add value through improved appearance, extended life and surface and corrosion protection.

Surface Engineering Consulting Ltd (SEC) is an independent consultancy providing essential specialist knowledge and expertise in the application of surface finishes for small and large manufacturing companies. Our services are used by Design Engineers, Surface Finishing Processors and Paint/Powder Coaters. Surface Finishes - Contact SECWe advise on:

  • the best surface treatments, metal finishes & organic finishes
  • existing manufacturing process improvements
  • surface engineering training
  • help with Standards QS 9000, ISO 9001/2, ISO 14000
  • surface analysis, to get to the root cause of problems
Maximising consistency & accuracy from batch to batch will significantly affect profits

Inconsistent surface finishes and production processes can prove costly. Whilst many of our customers were experienced at applying surface finishes to products before we started working with them, they have since developed far higher accuracy's in production. This has resulted in improved batch to batch reliability, fewer re-works and rejects and space for more production.

Let us save you time and money by helping you get consistent and accurate results.

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We help the manufacturing industry by adding value and reducing costs

We support small and large manufacturing companies with consultancy services, tailoring the level of our advice to suit their needs. Our Consultants can provide a single day of surface finishing consultancy or work on long term projects. Our advice is always geared to improving our Client's profitability.

We welcome your call

Our founder and Director Dr. Russell House encourages all businesses who are involved in production to contact SEC with any surface finishing questions. We provide a range of consultancy services. Simply give us a call on 01536 763 567 or contact us online and we would be happy to discuss your needs further.

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reduce production costs

For surface finishes contact:

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Northants NN14 2PY

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