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Vibratory finsihing machines
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Vibratory finishing machines

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Vibratory finishing machines

Industrial compact finishing machines

SEC (Surface Engineering Consulting) are official UK distributors of vibratory finishing machines from MassFinishing UK.

Vibratory Finishing Machines

The MassFinishing UK bowl vibratory finishing machines are used to debur and smooth to a shine the surface of metallic objects as delicate as jewelry or as strong as metal castings.

The vibratory finishing machines are filled with an abrasive compound which forms a cutting action for the removing of burs, smooth surfaces and brightening a metal surface.

Work chambers comprise a precision engineered, steel fabricated chassis carrying a direct-mount, purpose built, heavy-duty vibratory motor. Stress relieved after machining, the chassis is encased in a revolutionary, carbon fibre/polyurethane composite shell.

The units are designed to provide excellent deburring with low noise and power consumption. The units are easy to load and unload. The bowls are easy to replace.

A full range of vibratory finishing machines

The range starts with a three litre bowl, standard table top unit and progresses through five additional models up to a full 60 litre bowl.

MassFinishing UK

10 year warranty on the bowls

10-year warranty on the bowls.

All models are industrial use equipment built to withstand 24/7 use. They are equipped with powerful, direct drive, single-flange mount vibratory motors and all bowls are cast in one piece using a proprietary hot-cured urethane around a heavy duty steel fabrication. MassFinishing UK offer a 10-year, no questions asked, full replacement warranty on the bowls.

About MassFinishing UK

MassFinishing UK has more than 25 year of experience in vibratory finishing machinery. A commitment to continuous research and development ensures the latest and most advanced product/process technologies in the surface finishing industry. The MassFinishing UK range of vibratory finishing machines are known for their effectiveness, rugged construction and competitive pricing.

About SEC

SEC offer independent engineering consulting services to the metal finishing industry. We provide specialist knowledge and expertise in the application of Metal Finishing for small and large manufacturing companies. Our metal finishing services are used by Design Engineers, Surface Finishing Processors and Paint/Powder Coaters We provide UK clients of Vibratory finishing machines with distribution and technical support. You can read more about SEC on our website at

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